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Launched in 1998, Epoch School started with “International Professionals Program” and then “Young Entrepreneurs of the Future” in 2003. Both programs have been convened, each for 6~12 months, with the mission to cultivate “Future Builders in Action” for next society, and are designed to incubate entrepreneurship and innovative spirits among Taiwan’s talented undergraduate and graduate students.

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Why Epoch School?

Why Epoch School?

Epoch School has more than 3,000 alumni who are international professionals and startup founders. They have been starting up at least 80+ companies and working with various sizes of corporations around the world.

Learning by Doing

【Young Entrepreneurs of the Future】

The students team up to start up their business plan, along which mentors and coaches provide advice, support, and resources. Boot Camp, Workshops, Demo Day, and Elevator Pitch provide the students teams with various opportunities to sharpen business sense and leadership, acquire communication and negotiation skills, and strengthen startup capabilities on the way of completing their business plans.

【International Professional Program】

Interns at Epoch Foundation every week to acquire high-quality work performance as well as sharpen leadership and industrial insight. Interns work closely with Epoch staff to plan, execute, and review all international projects under the 3 teams at the Foundation: International Industrial Liaison, Epoch School, and Garage+ (Epoch’s zero-equity incubator for deep-tech based startups). Interns are also provided with training courses and assigned with cross-team projects to advance their team work and communication capabilities.

Professional Coaches and Mentors

【Coaches and Mentors】

 They are here to support you. No fuss about messing up or doing wrong. They broaden your network and open doors to otherwise out-of-reach opportunities along the journey.

【Know Myself Workshop】

 The professional coach will help discover your talent to tackle the challenges.

【Summer Training Courses】

It is a three-week course. The senior HR managers help you stand out in a sea of applicants step by step, including writing CV and business letter, communication skills, and interview practice.


Future Builders in Action

International perspective is vital for future builders. Epoch Foundation closely allies with top-notched academic institutions like MIT, UC Berkeley, Chatham House and Evian Group, and strong networks with influential partners, serving as the liaison office to consolidate the industrial resources for Taiwan’s private sector.

The Overseas Visit connects the students with the world’s most vibrant industrial leaders and thriving startup founders. Before the visit, the students are required to study and research thoroughly and provide their questions to the host companies/organizations.


引進 MIT、UCB 知名學府資源, 協助國內企業與全球產業經濟接軌;在此計畫中,實習生將研究國內外最新產業趨勢、撰寫科技專題、協助及參與國際級研討會、接待國際知名學者 (Learn More)

Garage+ 是獨一無二的創業社群,培育國內外科技型新創企業,由成功的創業人帶領新一代的創業人,讓早期創業公司,能順利組織團隊、募集資金、連結國際資源、成長、邁向成功;在此計畫中,實習生將深入認識國內外新創趨勢、研究各國創新發展現況、籌備大型展覽活動,及與國內外新創深度交流 (Learn More)

透過一年跨國際、跨領域的學習計畫,培育年輕人勇於接受挑戰、善於解決問題的創新精神;在此計畫中,實習生將深度了解國內外創業教育資源,也透過籌畫及執行系列活動,培養創新創業的前瞻性思考 (Learn More)





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2020 未來國際經理人首堂訓練課程登場,鍛鍊經理人對產業的敏銳度及思維!

Epoch School   14 日舉辦「產業分析課程」,邀請 2004 年校友盧志軒 (達盈創投投資總監帶領學生思考研究方法及邏輯架構、討論如何觀察產業趨勢、了解企業概況,鍛鍊國際經理人應具備的資料蒐集、整合與分析能力。


5 月第一週,未來國際經理人進行第一次的產業分析報告,兩個月的準備,從產業分析課程、資料蒐集、統整資訊,到與業界導師諮詢,經理人們深入探討車聯網、金融產業、數位醫療、智慧農業及智慧製造等五大產業領域,學習用宏觀的角度去觀察產業的發展及趨勢,並用微觀的角度去分析企業/新創所面臨的機會與挑戰。




為了凝聚 3,000 多位、足跡遍及全球的校友社群,每年定期舉辦年末聚會,歡迎校友回娘家;實習生將協助策畫大型聚會活動,透過邀請深耕各領域的資深校友,分享、交流多元的職涯歷程與人生經驗



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